Women's College Lacrosse Recruits

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Featured Athletes

Athlete NameTeam NamePositionGrad Year
Payton Chester Pineapple Express Midfield / Defense2026
Piper Gallagher M&D 26 Red Attack2026
Abby Ellingson Pineapple Express Attack / Midfield2026
Bella Gregorio True National 2026 2026
Morgan Fantozzi True National 2026 2026
Grace Bevington True National 2026 2026
Spencer Schott South Coast 26-27 Mixed Goalie2026
Riley Woods True National 2026 2026
Breonna Mosby True National 2026 2026
Brynn Bushnell Pineapple Express Midfield2026
Thea Sommer Pineapple Express Defense2026
Maddie Box South Coast 26-27 Mixed Attack / Midfield2026
Elisabetta Huff South Coast 26-27 Mixed Midfield2026
Jena Robinson South Coast 26-27 Mixed 2026
Jessica Sprague True National 2026 2026
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EYEOFTH 2023 F F N 4 0
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